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December 8, 2013
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HoM: Lyza Connington + Auto by stuffy-chan HoM: Lyza Connington + Auto by stuffy-chan

|| H O S T ||

NAME: Lyza Connington
NICKNAME: Lyly, Freak, The Gamer Chick
GENDER: Female
AGE: 14
BIRTHDAY: February 28 
HOUSE: Dullahan
RANK: Graveyard Keeper

PERSONALITY: [Clumsy] [Dependent] [Strange] [Intelligent] [Blunt] [Gentle] [Kindhearted] [Slow] [Gullible] 

✔ new knowledge
✔ anime 
✔ her glasses
✔ things that glow in the dark 
✔ spring time
✘ fighting
✘ internet/computer lag
✘ losing things/not knowing where things are
✘ naps (she always wakes up with her head hurting)
✘ make up
✘ bullies
✘ sports gross


      Lyza was an only child that grew up in a middle class family of three which consisted of her and her parents. Her mother was a stay home mom who also worked multiple jobs, while her father was an software engineer who worked for the government. Because of her father's work, her and her family would constantly move around the country from east to west and back. It wasn't surprising for her to move maybe once a year or even maybe every 6 months, so she was never able to keep many toys or things in general. If she did she would either lose it during a move, or forgot it somewhere. After that had happened multiple times, Lyza didn't want to get attached to anything.
      Her father noticed her loneliness later through out the years, and came to a small and quick solution -- video games. When her father first handed her her first game counsel, she hesitated at first. If she accepted the gift, wouldn't she just end up losing it? Her father was able to convince her to take it in, and couldn't have been happier with the results. 
      Ever since then Lyza grew obsessed , it was what she did constantly during free time. She started to collecting all sorts of games and counsels. She now never seemed lonely while playing games. It was like she was in another world. Lyza also made sure that she never lost any of them during moves, but months later it looked like she didn't have to worry about moving anymore. 
       After Lyza's father died her mother had decided to settle down in a town called Meansville. Never in her life had Lyza heard of a town called such a name, but still it couldn't be that bad. Weeks before the move she was in charge of collecting all of her father's things, which mostly consisted of compute junk and other things that had something to do with his former jog, but after ruffling through the stuff, something had caught her eye. It had looked like a black computer chip which strange neon blue highlights, yet it look something that possessed much more value. Without taking a second glance she simply left it in the box, closing it, never to be opened again.
        Lyza finally made it to Meanville with her mother, attending middle school there was well. Lyza didn't have many friends nor acquaintances, because she never needed them with her constant moving life style, but one day she noticed a boy staring at her during her biology class. He wasn't part of any specific circle of friends, like her, except people to clearly see the difference between the two.             They were polar opposites. First off, he actually had somewhat of a fashion sense, the stranger wearing worn down/faded jeans and a hoodie with a black and grey varsity's jacket over it, along with wind blown dirty blonde hair, like some young cute guy you would find on tumblr. Second, he had a charismatic side to him. Lyza first thought that he was kinda like a stalker, and easily made an awkward stare back, but then all of a sudden the boy starts to approach. She noticed something follow behind her. A blur of grey and black.

      "Can you see her?"
      "Wait. W-what?" 
      "Just answer the damn question." 
      "Heh, let me tell you why." 

        Lyza knew everything now, and she wasn't scared at all, in fact she was fascinated. It was almost like a video game, where you get your own character and you play them. It didn't take that long for her to accept the recruiter's request.
        Once arriving to the organization base, it didn't take long to choose her house. She knew exactly were she fit in best -- the house of Dullahan. Once arriving to the house, the token maker didn't take very long to give her her new token. She was shocked though. The token had taken form of the one computer chip that should be with her father's clump of stuff at the moment. Lyza quickly snatched the chip, and for the first time in her life had she ever seen the most beautiful video game character come to life. Auto. 

        Over the years Lyza has trained herself and Auto, and have made it to the top of the top, yet still as awkward as ever. She lives a peaceful life as of now.

|| S P I R I T ||

NAME: Auto

ELEMENTAL ABILITY: Teleportation + Analyzation Skills 
WEAPONS/FIGHTING STYLE: He uses twin guns, as well as hand to hand combat while he fights. Visually, his style is very human like or more like the type of fighting you would find in action movies except his consist of more fast movements, also adding the fact that he can teleport. But when it comes to the punch it will hurt a lot more then just any old hit, taking in the fact that he is also part machine which means he is much stronger then a regular man. He also uses different types of bullets, for different purposes all for fighting though. For example, some bullets blast out compressed energy, while others give electric charges. 

PERSONALITY: {Cheesy} {Confident} {Charming} {Protective} {Loud} {Energetic} {Bubbly} {Inpatient} {Dare Devil} {Sadist}

|| O T H E R ||


• Lyza is ambidextrous, meaning she can write with both hands, etc. 
• This girl can't see shit without her glasses.
• Auto can blow confetti out of his guns... 
• Auto is actually a man/cyborg in suit. He isn't a full machine. 
• Tron is her favorite movie. She was always fascinated by the whole concept of being a part of a video game. Thus, Auto forming.

RP SAMPLE: ( from an rp with *execuite with our babies. ; u ; ) 

        "Blah, blah, blaaah, and the blah blah blah." Was all Lyza could hear, as she walked out of the classroom her backpack half opened, books tempting to fall out. She swore ever since she started high school, Auto had been getting noisier and noisier by the minute, his walkie-talkie like voice ringing in her eardrums as she attempted to take notes in class unsuccessfully. She thought by now that she would of gone deaf, but with her gamer life her ears were already trained for loud, 'annoying' sounds already.
        While walking out of the classroom she could already feel  Auto's presence following her out, again going on and on with his nonexistent mouth.

      "Y'know Lyza, high school's a lot more boring than I thought." Lyza cringed as she could hear his clinking of his feet to the floor,   
      "Why not instead we go to like a party store or something so I can reload my guns with confetti like that last time or-"
      "Holy lord almighty, Auto, SHUT UUUUUUP. Just shhhh."
      "Ah c'mon Lyly~. Don't be such a party pooper."
      "Well you can't change what you already are."
      "Heh, now aren't you funny."

        She lightly gave him a look. Before she knew it though, she had attracted the attention of bewildered people, thinking that she was talking to herself. The one with the mental problem almost. She could even hear a few of them whispering the fact that she had lost her father, or lived with an mother who always had worked, thinking that was the reason why she went crazy.
        Lyza's cheeks burned, hugging her binder tighter around her arms. She then whipped herself away from Auto, as she scuttling off to her locker, not giving a look back to the machine like man.

Just comment or note me if your interested in rping! 


Shiiiiit. I'm sorry if there's bad grammar and rp sample. 
I was just trying to make the dead line. //sob//
I'll redo it I swear.

Lyza + Auto + Art (c) ~stuffy-chan
#House-of-Myth (c) respectful owner
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Is it wrong that I really wanna hug Auto?
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Prospitian-Monarch Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student General Artist
man i feel bad for anyone who thinks freak is a nickname XD 

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Haha yeah. 
ANd thank yooou!!! ; u ; 
Capricious-Spider Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Soo.... are we implying that if one's a gamer girl, that means a suitable nickname is "freak"? xD
stuffy-chan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Capricious-Spider Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think that depends on how old you are xD 
stuffy-chan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well we're all around the same age of Lyza which is 14, and since most of the characters in the groups are childeren I kinda expected a little immaturity from them and thus calling eachother names.
Like for me and my friends we call eachother pretty strange names, but they're all for fun.
But in the same time I know some gamer friends that have been called freaks constantly by other people in a form of bullying, so I decided to add that onto her app to give her a little background I guess.

Haha, I'm sorry if it offended you in any shape or form. ; - ;
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